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OPTURE AG is one of the leading providers for risk management software in Europe. The company was founded in February 2002 by Dr. Dirk and Dr. Mark Noetzold, who are today still the sole owners of the company. OPTURE was originated as a spin-off company from the consulting firm Noetzold & Noetzold GmbH, which is also specialised in risk management and strategy development. The name OPTURE is derived from the part of the sentence "OPTimize the futURE", because the objective of risk management is to assess, control and manage the uncertainties of the future.

OPTURE AG is represented with its customers in over 80 countries, with offices in Switzerland (Zurich and Hombrechtikon), Germany (Hamburg) and England (London). We are specialised in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Control Systems (ICS), Simulation-based Planning (SBP) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). Our customers are predominantly industrial companies, but also banks, insurance companies, funds, foundations and authorities. The Opture software is used by companies of all sizes, both in international DAX-/SMI-/Nasdaq-companies as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Skills

Enterprise Risk Management - 98%
Risk Profiling - 90%
Software Development - 95%
Implementation - 95%
Data Security - 99%

Our Growth

Growth to 2025

Preceding on the basis of OPTURE AG's level of target attainment and growth over the last few years, we are planning to almost double our business within the next 5 years, starting from 2021. The company is fully self-financed, without borrowed capital and without third-party equity capital. The growth of OPTURE AG is financed exclusively from operating cash flows.

We will achieve our growth targets through the development of new software products in risk management, as well as through the opening up of new international markets.

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 2025
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 100%

Our Expertise

  • History
  • Software Solution
  • Implementation
  • Accept. by Employees

OPTURE AG was founded as a spin-off company of the consultancy firm Noetzold & Noetzold GmbH, which is specialised in risk management. Since 2002 we have been supporting industrial companies of all sizes in the development and/or establishment of their risk management systems. As innovation and technology leaders, it is our goal to optimise the added value of risk management for our customers by developing innovative methods, models and technologies.

The Opture software is one of Europe's leading risk management system solutions for industrial companies. Regarding Opture's technology leadership, we have over the years developed many risk management methods and models that have become standards and benchmarks. The Opture software is intuitive to operate, modularly extendible, customisable, flexible to administer and easy to implement.

The technical implementation of the Opture software is simple and efficient because Opture is compatible with all established databases and servers. When implementing the content of a risk management system, we are strictly focussed to the requirements and specifications of our customers with regard to the areas of application of risk management, e.g. risk control without KRI (-> risk documentation), with MC simulation and with KRI (-> risk controlling) or risk-adjusted planning (-> simulation-based planning).

There is a very high degree of acceptance of our employees among our customers due to their long-term experience, their seniority and their knowledge in the field of risk management. Before joining OPTURE AG, all of our employees were in executive positions with other companies and already had several years of practical and/or theoretical experience in the area of risk management. We employ IT experts (software developers, service technicians, etc.) and risk managers (consultants).

Quotes from Customers

The Founders and the Board

Dirk Noetzold

Dr. Dirk Noetzold

Engineering & Development

Dirk Noetzold is an expert in the fields of risk management, financial engineering and asset valuation, as well as in the modelling and hedging of risks associated with business processes and investments. He gained his expertise as a quant and risk manager at investment banks in Berlin and London. Dirk studied Physics and Maths.

Mark Noetzold

Dr. Mark Noetzold

Sales & Marketing

Mark Noetzold is an expert in the areas of risk management and strategy development. Mark is active on various supervisory boards and as a lecturer on risk management. He gained his practical experience as a consultant to a leading strategy consulting firm and as Board member of a medium-sized chain store company.

The Partner Program

Through selected partners we have the opportunity to exploit additional market potential. The strength of our partners is, on the one hand, the trustworthy proximity to the customer on the ground and, on the other hand, the special knowledge about selected industries. This ensures an efficient and rapid transfer of expertise, which benefits our customers and our partners.

We know how important and decisive partnerships are for business success. By combining the services of our partners in conjunction with our software solutions, our customers and/or the customers of our partners gain important advantages.

PROJECT SUCCESS: Our technology and sales partners are contact persons for companies of all industries and offer customised solutions for customers. With established expertise, professional consulting and our flexible software solutions in the areas of ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), SBP (Simulation-based Planning), GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), ICS (Internal Control Systems) and Compliance, they implement successful projects with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

SOFTWARE AND LICENCES: Opture AG is a software manufacturer with a high level of problem-solving expertise and is a specialist in the areas of ERM, GRC, ICS, Compliance and Simulation-based Planning. In addition to content support, our partners also have access to demo software solutions, additional tools and special expertise.

COMMUNICATION: Opture AG informs its partners continuously and comprehensively about new developments in the above-mentioned areas, such as market trends, innovative technologies, new methods and models, product extensions, etc.

TRAINING: Opture AG offers its partners exclusive training programmes, which are only available to partners, to support our mutual customers at the highest level of technology and content.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: One of the main objectives of Opture AG is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Therefor we give our partners the best possible support in order to be able to act in the interest of our mutual customers.

Contact persons

  • Address: Hasenhoehe 94,
    22587 Hamburg

  • Telephone: +49 40 86 62 77 88

  • Email:partner@opture.com

Business hours

  • Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: closed
  • Appointments by arrangement


The strong growth of OPTURE AG is due to motivated and experienced employees as well as the development and distribution of professional software solutions.

When it comes to realising and implementing innovative, flexible and user-friendly risk management software systems, more and more companies are relying on our software solutions and consulting services. To continue to enjoy disproportionately high growth in this dynamic market, we are looking for committed, customer-oriented and experienced employees.

For our offices in Zurich, Hamburg and London, we are looking for qualified employees for the following areas:


  •   Ajax/HTML5 Designer (m/f)
  •   Database Developer - Java PLSQL (m/f)
  •   Java Software Developer - JDBC SQL (m/f)
  •   System Architect and Integrator (m/f)


  •   Senior Consultant - Enterprise Risk Management and GRC (m/f)
  •   Senior Consultant - Banks and Insurance Companies (m/f)
  •   Financial Consultant - Industrial Companies and Banks (m/f)
  •   Risk Manager - Models and Methods skills (m/f)

Please contact us and send us your detailed CV by post or email.

Contact persons

  • Address: Forchstrasse 434,
    8702 Zollikon-Zurich

  • Telephone: +41 43 499 63 63

  • Email:recruiting@opture.com

Business hours

  • Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: closed
  • Appointments by arrangement