Compliance with applicable law

We are compliant with applicable law at local, national and international level.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a matter of course for us - at local, national and international level. Only in this way can our business success be secured worldwide.

All employees are required to know the basic laws, regulations and internal company rules relevant to their area of responsibility. Comprehensive knowledge is required in particular for executives who have a special responsibility for ensuring compliance due to their role or position in the executive body.

Fair competition

We are committed to compliance with applicable competition law.

In almost all countries, relationships and agreements with competitors, suppliers, distributors and traders that affect fair competition are prohibited by law. These include e.g. price fixing, the division of customers or sales areas between competitors, anti-competitive boycotts and other unfair competition methods. We are committed to fair competition and compliant with these laws and regulations.

Relationships with business partners

We act with integrity in our business relationships with others.

Our business partners expect that they can rely on us as a legally compliant business partner. It also requires us to be familiar with our contractual obligations to our business partners.


We protect confidential information from unauthorized disclosure and misuse.

Confidential information are only intended for the named recipients, not for internal distribution or external publication. These include, but are not limited to, documents, reports, contracts, financial information, personnel information, analytics, intellectual property, and new business or product plans. Confidential information can come in many different forms (digital, paper, etc.).

Confidential information of the company should be kept secret. This also applies after termination of the employment relationship. The security of all business data must be ensured in compliance with applicable legal requirements in all business processes. In the case of technical security against unauthorized access, an appropriate standard must be adhered to that corresponds to the state of the art.

Data protection

We comply with applicable laws and regulations when collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data and information.

When collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data (e.g. name, address) of employees, customers or other third parties, we take utmost care and strict confidentiality as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Employees who handle personal data receive advice and support from the relevant legal departments and company data protection officers. See also the section Privacy Policy.

Protection against corruption and bribery

We condemn any form of corruption and bribery.

Any form of bribery or corruption is forbidden, be it by public officials or in business dealings.

Expenses, such as invitations or advertising, that serve the purpose of promoting business relationships or presenting products or services are permissible, as far as moderate.

However, such benefits may be taken or given only if they serve a legitimate business purpose and are not accepted or given in return for any unlawful benefit. The expenses may not be unduly high in value and may not disproportionately exceed the limits of business custom or the normal standard of living of the recipient.

Trust and respect

We treat each other with respect and trust. We provide a working environment that is free of discrimination.

Every individual has the right to a just, dignified and respectful treatment. We are committed to equal opportunities and promote a work environment that is characterized by respect and tolerance, recognizing the value and dignity of each individual and treating each other with courtesy, honesty and dignity. Harassment, mobbing and intimidation are prohibited.

Personnel-related decisions, e.g. recruitment, promotions or disciplinary action must be free of any discrimination. We do not tolerate any discriminatory conduct towards employees or applicants on the grounds of ethnic origin, nationality, sex, pregnancy or parenthood, marital status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or other discrimination prohibited by law.

Human rights, health, environment

The respect of human rights as well as the protection of health and environment form an essential part of our social responsibility.

We respect the dignity and personal rights of our employees and third parties with whom we have business relations.

We strive for the responsible use and sourcing of natural resources (water, energy, materials and land), as far as these are necessary for the production and distribution of our products and services.

We ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our employees by complying with health and safety laws and regulations. In particular, it is the responsibility of managers to ensure that adequate procedures and safeguards are in place to ensure health and safety at work.