Service Topics

Opture Risk Management Service

We use only experienced and senior risk management professionals to help our clients build and develop their risk management systems. The consulting services of our risk management experts are characterized by pragmatic solutions, innovative methods and efficient procedures. Our services cover the entire value-added added chain in risk management, from the implementation of new and further development of existing risk management systems, through the optimization of data quality up to value-oriented corporate management under risk and return aspects. We adapt our services individually to the requirements and framework conditions of the customers, with the aim of generating maximum benefit and acceptance in the company. Below are some selected consulting project examples:
- Implementation and development of risk management processes and organization.
- Development and optimization of risk management models and methods.
- Entire initial risk data assessment (=Risk Profiling) of risk, opportunities and measures.
- Defintion of an industry and customer specific risk catalog.
- Verification of the existing risk data quality (consistency, plausibility, validity).
- Benchmark existing ERM systems against best practice approaches.
- Establishment of an efficient event and addressee-related risk report.
- Implementation of value-oriented corporate management and risk-return aspects.
- Conceptual development of a customized risk management manual.
- Implementation of an efficient limit system based on risk-bearing capacity and appetite.


  • Experienced professionals
  • Pragmatic solutions
  • Innovative methods
  • Professional models
  • Pragmatical implementation
  • High customer acceptance
  • Best practise knowledge

Pragmatic Implementation

Our solutions are pragmatic, easy to understand, professional and tailored to the needs of our customers.

High Expertise

Our risk management experts have a solid theoretical education and many years of practical risk management experience.

Customer Acceptance

We guarantee highest acceptance through efficient procedures, senior consultants and high risk management expertise.

Online Quick Check

Opture Online Quick Check

OPTURE offers an Online Quick Check for existing and new risk management systems.

For EXISTING risk management systems we offer the following analysis, tests and evaluations: (1.) Technical implementation (risk management models and methods, etc.); (2.) degree of fulfillment of regulatory requirements (content, institutionalization, etc.); (3.) data quality (industrial benchmark, completeness, assessment quality, consistency, etc.); (4.) SWOT analysis of the risk management system and its capabilities and options to further development.

For NEW risk management systems we offer the following analysis, tests and evaluations: (1.) Benchmarking and SWOT analysis of risk management systems and their providers; (2.) content and implementation of regulatory requirements; (3.) Technical requirements (including IT security) and data protection requirements (GDPR); (4.) Contents of risk management manuals; (4.) Industry-specific risk catalogs; (5.) Pitfalls and stumbling blocks and how to avoid them when implementing risk management systems.


  • Evaluation existing system
  • Requirements new RM system
  • Optimization potential
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Validation system provider
  • SWOT analysis ERM systems
  • Legal requirements

Online Service

Opture AG offers an online service for analysis, evaluation and further development of new and existing ERM systems.

Quick Check

As part of a Quick Check we check your risk inventory with respect to plausibility, consistency and validity.


To compare your data with similar companies in your industry, we use anonymised benchmarking databases.

Increasing Data Quality

Opture Risk Profiling Concept

Opture risk management software includes an innovative and unique risk profiling concept to increase data input quality. This concept is used in particular for the consistent and complete identification of risks/opportunities/measures, as well as for the assessment of event risks, which, due to lack of historical empirical values, are generally based on estimations. With the Opture Risk Profiling Concept, much more accurate evaluation results can be achieved compared to conventional methods. A high data output quality is achieved by using innovative models (including factor models) and with risk aggregation through the use of a high performance Monte Carlo simulator.


  • Increased Data INPUT Quality
  • Increased Data OUTPUT Quality
  • Innovative Methods & Models
  • Consistent Risk Inventories
  • Validation of results
  • Benchmarking Database
  • Plausibility of evaluations

Risk Profiling

Opture software has developed an innovative and unique risk profiling concept to increase data input quality significantly.

Completeness Check

It is checked whether the risk inventory is complete and reasonable, based on an industry benchmark database.

Consistency Check

It is checked whether the risk data and risk assessments are consistent, based on the experience of our experts.

For more information, please contact us directly on: +49  40  86 62 77 88

Our experts are happy to help answer your questions by email: info@opture.com

Hosting and Implementation

Opture Implementation and Hosting

The Opture risk management software solutions are fully compatible with all standard databases, servers, operating systems and browsers. This guarantees an efficient implementation of the software at the customers. We also offer the hosting of the Opture software. This includes the following content: server hosting (hardware and connectivity, backup service, host support, firewall), setup and licensing (Windows server, Oracle database, setup) and maintenance of server and database. For the security of data transfer between customer browsers and OPTURE server, we meet the highest security requirements (certification with rating A+). OPTURE also offers authentication according to the Open ID Connect standard, the protocol recommended by Mircosoft for single sign-on solutions, based on Mircosoft Azure AD.


  • Efficient system integrations
  • Hosting options
  • High compatibility of Opture
  • Very short implementation time
  • High customer acceptance
  • Low hosting fees
  • Maximum data security

Fast implementation

Implementation of the Opture software is very efficient due to its high compatibility with all standard systems.

Hosting option

Customers can also host the Opture software solutions with us. Hosting has, among other things, cost advantages for the customer.

Employee acceptance

Our experts enjoy a very high degree of customer acceptance when implementing systems and/or processes.

Development of content, methods & models

Opture Services

Within the scope of our services, we develop the risk management systems of our customers according to their individual requirements, both methodically and in terms of content, with the aim of generating "added value" and benefit potentials. We develop and implement innovative methods and models for this purpose. During our work for customer projects, we have developed methods, for example, to increase data input quality, reduce the probability of error in risk assessments and the mapping of consistent risk catalogues/inventories. The question of the stability of a company's planning and/or robustness against market fluctuations (volatilities) led to the development of "Simulation-based planning".


  • Innovative models & methods
  • Generation of benefit potentials
  • Increase in RM acceptance
  • Further development of the content
  • Creation of added value with ERM
  • Customised solutions

Value-oriented content

When building RM systems, we try to generate benefit potentials for our customers, such as risk-adjusted planning.

Innovative Methods

We develop innovative methods, among other things, to increase data quality and integrate RM into the corporate management.

Established Models

We have developed established RM models for optimal and efficient use in industrial companies.

Opture Risk Management

Our Motivation

We are specialised in the area of risk management and pursue it with passion.

Our objective is to establish and institutionalise risk management in the companies of our customers. For this we offer our services. We support you for the implementation of the following content:

  •   Creation of added value in the company through risk management
  •   Development of risk documentation for risk-adjusted controlling
  •   Generation of plausible and realistic risk results for controlling
  •   Implementation of pragmatic and customer-specific solutions
  •   Linkage of risk management with other functional units
  •   Risk identifications and assessments with/without benchmark data
  •   Calculation of risk-bearing capacity, risk appetite and limits

Coaching, Training and Seminars

Opture Seminars

We support and train our customers in all questions relating to risk management, simulation-based planning, GRC and Compliance. As part of our coaching services, we help the customer develop its risk management system. We support risk managers among other things in the collection of risk data, the design of efficient and meaningful risk reports, the plausibility checking of risk results and the linkage of the risk management with planning. The training offered by Opture is aimed at qualifying risk managers to fulfil their tasks in risk management.


  • Training in risk management basics
  • Training decentralised employees
  • Qualification for risk profilers
  • Individual coaching of customers
  • Sharing professional RM expertise
  • Specialised seminars
  • Development of customer systems


We support our customers in the development of their risk management systems and customer-specific RM topics.


We train our customers in the RM fundamentals, models and methods as well as in individual subject areas (e.g. Compliance).


We offer seminars on "case studies", methods, models and best practice approaches in the areas of ERM, SBP and GRC.