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Opture ERM Basic - Risk Management Software

The ERM Basic risk management system from Opture is is an intuitive and modular upgradeable risk management software for beginners. By mapping the complete RM process, the risk manager can gain a comprehensive picture of the risk situation and the risk profile of the entire company and its entities, supported by an individually configurable reporting system.


Opture GRC - Governance, Risk & Compliance

The Opture GRC software is an integrated system that combines risk management, ICS and compliance. This means that the processes of all three subject areas are consistently synchronized, despite content-related and process-related differences, and calculate a total risk exposure. Opture GRC contains not 3 independent systems, but only a 1 holistic and consistent application.


Opture SBP - Simulation-based Planning

The Opture SBP system combines risk management and controlling / planning. All risks are related and simulated in relation to the complete P&L statement. All risk figures are calculated per P&L-position (=bandwidth planning), with the goal of knowing the sensitivities, identifying the stability of the planning or the company against market fluctuations and determine corresponding efficiently steering.

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OPTURE Company Brochure

OPTURE AG - The Company

Opture AG is a leading software provider in the area of corporate risk management systems. The company was founded in 2002 as a spin-off company of a consulting firm that also operates in risk management. Our success is based on consequent customer orientation and technology leadership (innovations, models, methods). We support our customers to develop and optimize their risk management.

Software and Technology

Risk Management Requirements

Risk Management Software Requirements

The Catalog of Requirements developed by Opture presents all the relevant content, functionalities and features of risk management software solutions for implementation of efficient and professional risk management systems, under consideration of customer-specific or individual development stages / maturity levels. The catalog also shows the degree of fulfillment of each Opture ERM software product.

Risk Management Models & Methods

Models and Methods in Risk Management

Innovative and professional Risk Management Models and Methods will be presented, that are essential for calculating correct risk results and deriving efficient control measures, as well as increasing data input and output quality. Thus, e.g. the "risk profiling concept" developed by Opture and the "risk driver concept" has a significant impact on data quality and employee acceptance.

Case Studies - User Reviews

Success Factors in Risk Management

Success Factors in Risk Management

The experience of our consultants from practice shows that the consideration of some Success Factors (such as communication, data quality, software quality, expertise, efficiency) in the implementation and further development of risk management has a significant positive impact on acceptance within the company and establishes risk management as a steering and management tool.

Best Practise in Risk Management

Use cases Risk Management - Best Practise

Based on real case studies of our customers (anonymous), we have defined a best practice approach for each process step in risk management. This practice-based approach can be used as a benchmark or as an interesting starting point for further development or optimization of your own risk management.

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