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Enterprise RM

As a leading system provider in the area of ERM, we offer three modularily upgradeable software solutions (Basic, Advanced, Expert versions) which build on one another for SMEs and large international corporations with appropriate industry-specific configurations and content.

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Simul.-based Planning

We are the first provider of software solutions for SBP. We calculate and report fluctuations and sensitivities for a complete profit and loss statement (operational and strategic planning) or liquidity planning (-> risk-adjusted planning, planning with bandwidths).

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Govern., Risk & Compl.

In the area of GRC, we offer a software solution with an integrated and completely interlinked approach of ERM, ICS and Compliance. For a holistic risk steering, the risk exposure will be calculated over all three areas. We are more focused on content than on workflows.

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Integrated Fund RM

We offer AIFMD-compliant risk management systems especially for closed-end investment funds; these systems meet all regulatory requirements. In accordance with KAGB requirements, both the "risk profile" and the "risk exposure" can be easily calculated and reported.

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Opture Development Stages in Enterprise Risk Management

Our Services

We offer our clients various services to optimise the risk management.

Due to the long-term experience of our employees and our high number of customer projects, we have extensive knowledge about market-specific risk topics. We support our customers in setting up and expanding their risk management systems, including in the following subject areas:

  •   Data quality -> Risk Identification/Assessment, Quick Check, Benchmarking
  •   Implementation -> Software, Processes, Organisational Structures
  •   Development -> Content, Methods, Models
  •   Coaching/Seminars -> Coaching, Training, Seminars

Our Advantages

Intuitive Software

Opture Risk Management Software is intuitive to use, flexibly configurable, modularly extendible and easy to administrate. Our customers particularly value the easy handling of the software, which makes its approval by risk owners and decentralised risk managers very high.

The user interface of the Opture Risk Management Software can be individually adapted to the needs of the users. This ensures that different user requirements can be mapped. For example, the central risk manager would have a wide range of functionalities available in the software (e.g. for analytical skills, risk monitoring and Risk Reporting), whereas the risk owner would often only make as few inputs as possible/necessary.

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Risk Reports

Opture software provides its users with standardised and individually configurable Risk Reports. All risk reports can be fully automatically updated and printed out at the push of a button. In this way, the risk manager or other authorised users can in the case of short-term queries, e.g. from the management, immediately generate and print out fully updated risk reports for different recipients.

The user can upload individual risk management templates in the Opture Risk Management Software, e.g. in the form of an executive summary (flow text) or presentation (charts). The up-to-date data are imported and updated in all templates. The existing graphics and texts change according to the changed data input. The risk reports can, of course, also be modified and adapted afterwards.

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Market Leadership

OPTURE AG is one of the leading providers of Risk Management Software solutions for industrial companies in Europe. With our customers, we are represented in more than 80 countries with offices in Zurich (Switzerland), Hamburg (Germany) and London (England).

With our software solutions we are specialised in the field of Risk Management, especially for industrial companies. We supply both small and medium-sized companies from a variety of industries, as well as international large corporations and DAX/SMI/Nasdaq companies.

OPTURE AG has been the technology leader for years, for example in the areas of Risk Aggregation, Monte Carlo Simulation, Modelling, Risk Profiling, and Simulation-based Planning, ...

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Price Advantages

The Opture "Basic" version is a standard application that has been established on the market since 2005 and is constantly being developed. The software is extremely stable and meets all national and international regulatory requirements, guidelines and standards. It maps the complete risk management process (identification of risks/opportunities/measures, assessment, analysis, control, monitoring, reporting).

The Opture "Basic" version is a Risk Management Software for "beginners" or for users who want to change from an existing Excel tool to a web application. This version can be extended successively with a variety of modules. This basic variant is offered at extremely competitive prices.

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Risk Management Expertise

OPTURE AG was originally founded as a spin-off company of the company Noetzold & Noetzold GmbH, a consultancy firm specialising in Risk Management. OPTURE AG employees are experienced and senior experts in the field of risk management. Before joining OPTURE AG, all of our employees were in executive positions with other companies.

The theoretical expertise of our employees is complemented by their practical experience. Due to our high number of customers in Risk Management, our employees have knowledge of specific questions and their solutions in various market segments and sectors.

We have a highly qualified development department, where, in addition to theoretical content (including models and methods), technical content (software) is also developed. All Opture Risk Management Software Solutions are fully developed in-house. No third-party systems (e.g. MC simulators of Crystal Ball, @Risk, etc.) are used.

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Customer Service

We pay special attention to customer satisfaction and customer service. Along with technological leadership, these are our primary objectives. We generally support and advise our customers free of charge in the development and optimisation of their risk management systems. Our hotline is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days and our customer service reacts promptly.

We support our customers, among other things, in the efficient creation of risk reports, in implementation of processes, in optimal risk mitigation, in the integration of risk management into planning, in risk quantification, in the writing of risk manuals and with implementation activities.

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OPTURE AG is a leader in the development of innovative methods and models in Enterprise Risk Management. For more than 10 years we have been calculating risk figures for a complete risk-adjusted profit and loss statement using Monte Carlo simulations, under consideration of any number of risks with all correlations and > 10 million scenario simulations.

Opture Risk Management Software uses so-called multi-factor models for risk aggregation (with Monte Carlo simulation). This does not require the evaluation of individual risks with complex distribution functions. This outdated process is not practical, not user-friendly, difficult to understand and imprecise.

The innovations developed by OPTURE always serve to improve results, increase user friendliness and/or optimise mitigation effects.

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Data Quality

To increase data quality, OPTURE AG has developed a so-called "Risk Profiling" concept, which is available as an option in the Opture Risk Management Software. "Risk profiling" can be applied both offline and online during data collection and quantification.

Over the last few years, data input quality has become a key success factor for the acceptance of risk management in companies. In order to optimise data input quality, we have developed various methods and procedures and verified the efficiency of these with back testing.

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Opture risk management software is flexible to configure and easy to administer. Users can independently change (replace, rename, add, delete, move) the preconfigured structures (e.g. corporate structure, risk ownership structure, risk catalog structure) at any time, for example in the event of organisational changes in the company or changes in the risk catalogue.

Risk managers can independently modify authorisation rights and the roles assigned to users. The configuration and administration of Opture risk management software is very easy to implement by the risk manager or users with appropriate access rights.

This high degree of flexibility allows the risk manager to configure the Opture software autonomously/independently as individually and customer-specifically as he/she sees fit.

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